May 26, 2014


Pancakes are perfect for lazy mornings. Just whisk it up, let to rest for few minutes and fry them up. Indulge with maple syrup or strawberry syrup or honey. Top pancakes with any fresh fruits.


Plain flour - 150g
Baking powder - 1 tbsp
Sugar - 2 tbsp
Egg - 1
Milk - 250ml
Salt - a pinch
Melted butter - 1 tbsp

How to make pancakes:
  • Place all ingredients except the melted butter in a bowl.
  • Using a whisk, mix the batter without any lumps.
  • Let it rest for 5-10 minutes.
  • Add melted butter just before frying the pancakes and mix.
  • Heat a nonstick pan and grease with butter.
  • Pour a ladle of batter on the pan on low flame.
  • Turn pancakes once bubbles appear on top.

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