About Me

Just like all wives, I'm also a home-cook and love to bake for my family. Currently resides in Sydney with my spouse Sathyajith and our 3 year old daughter Dyuti. They both inspire me to experiment new cuisines and desserts.

Dyuti gives me helping hand in kitchen chores. Any ways Sathya is not much keen in that area; but loves to be a tester :) My lil one rates the recipe by saying "Nummm" instead of Yumm. That's her way and I love to hear that. It suddenly occurred to me that I would keep the blog's name as such. This is the dialogue Dyuti asks me almost everyday whether I would be making any special for her.

It's been sometime the idea of creating a blog haunting me. I've been taking snaps of all experimented recipes once they are set on the table for my family to relish upon. Saving all such snaps in my hard disk and looking at it makes me blush.That's the truth. Then thought why not jot down the recipe so I can refer later or at least my kid can find it useful at some point of time.

This blog of mine is just a reminder of my tested recipes. When I get old, it will be nice to see the wholesome recipes that I've tried in my lifetime :)


  1. Good Work Sabna!!!
    Wonderful n detailed Presentation :)
    Keep Cooking new recipes!!!

  2. Good work Sabna...Even we are big fans of Panacota Now

  3. Sabna.. Excellent.. !! I dint knew that you have such a wonderful creative mind and time.. I'm really impressed.. I got to go through this blog just accidentally.. Really liked it.. :)