October 23, 2013

Sharjah Shake

Oh gosh !! I haven't blogged for a while; not even logged in to my blogger account. I should say got a bit bored with this.How I wish to continue this food blog;  it all depends on my mood swings. We have moved back to Bangalore and my little one did have trouble to adjust in her new school. Now she's happy but still she miss her Sydney friends & family.
So here I am back to blogging the luscious Sharjah shake made last weekend at home. This took me back to my childhood days, when we used to go  Kalandan's Juice shop at Kozhikode to have this shake in the Beer glass :) Came to know that the owner of Kalandan's did introduce milk shakes to Kozhikodan's. Their very famous list includes Sharjah, Chikku.Mango and Buttermilk shakes.

Coming to the recipe, this is really simple. Just blend all ingredients together in a blender/mixer and your shake is ready. The consistency should be really thick once blended.


Small bananas - 8-9 nos, preferably Aanipoovan as called in Malabar
Sugar - Half a cup, as needed

  • Blend the small bananas and sugar in a blender into a smooth paste.
  • Add crushed frozen milk and blend it with the banana paste.
  • Transfer to a Beer glass and serve immediately.
  • Make sure the milk is frozen well. Crush the frozen milk before adding to the blender.
  • The shake consistency should be really thick and icy cold.
  • Very important to serve it right away after blending